Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Mantel!

Love, love fall and of course the decorating that goes along with it. I have two mantels, but this one featured has fake logs with a light in it. Hubby and I found it in pieces and put it back together. I started out with a piece of bronze material for the base and just started adding the lamp in the middle, then just laying and poking flowers and ribbon. The pheasants started out white and I painted them. Also the pears were painted. The tapestry was a treasure from a goodwill. I love grapes so they always have to be added somewhere. Oh, I also put tassels on the end of the rod. Of course there always have to be candles for that wonderful fall scents. Fall is such a wonderful time to be thankful for all our many blessings. Thank you for visiting!

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Nesting Place

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bird Cage Table!

I had this large bird cage that has been all over my house and even on the back porch. It was white and I finally painted it yellow and blue. Then I asked "now what, where does it need to go? goodwill or just leave it sitting". I was surfing and came across a very smart lady (I don't remember who it was to give credit to her) who had it figured out. Whoppee! Now I know, so this is what I did. The top part came off pretty easily, I was worried. I had a large decorator table top that worked great for the size of the bottom. The metal part on the bottom was also easy to take off. I just used small nails all the way around to attach it to the bottom. I love it! I just set the top back on. We have a Fall Blessings Party October 16th (you are invited) coming up so I will set some of my lighted pumpkins in the shelves and a pretty arrangement on the top. I am ready! Here is the table finished (without the pumpkins)!
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Faux Fun Pumpkins!

Here are some of the faux pumpkins that will be used for our "Fall Blessings" party that we host at our home. Church members, friends, and family attend and we have lots of food and fellowship. My main tablescape will be on my dining room table. The other two will be on the sun porch and sun room. I just painted this so the greenery and stems have not been finished. The two bottom on the right are tissue paper covered because they were not in the best condition. The white ones were just spray painted and a sealer to make them shiny. The silver are my favorite! Valspar makes the best silver metallic spray paint I have ever used! This was the first coat, then I used hammered metal from a can that was about empty and this is where the specks come from. They are not Pottery Barn, but they are close. I do plan to do more using foil, which really makes them look like Mercury Glass. Thank you for visiting!. Fall is such a fun time to decorate and a kick off for the holiday season coming up. Blessings to you, have a wonderful day!
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birds Nest Branch!

This was such a fun and easy project that I just had to share it with you. I didn't take the time to do step by step pictures, I was in a rush to get several finished. So I will try to walk you through this! A little pun intended, because the first thing was walking around our yard to find the perfect branch. I already had what looked like a small picket fence that I have used on my wreaths before. It didn't take but probably about 8 inches and I just wound it around so the birds nest would sit in the middle. The nest was bought at goodwill for .25, I just .added moss to it and glued it in place. The floral stem was one piece I bought at Hobby Lobby half price at 3.99. It was also glued in place. The berry stem was glued and free from another project. The little mushroom birds were
glued (I love that glue gun) and moss was placed around to fill in and cover up glue. I always spray a finish on my florals! They will last until you get tired of them. A blower dryer on low setting will blow the dust right off. Again I apologize for not taking pictures, I will try to get better at that. I am so blessed and so thankful to be creative. I pray your week will be productive and peaceful. Please check out Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch. The Link is below. Everyone is so creative!

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Booth at Grandma's Attic

Here is just a few of the pictures of our new booth! A local flea market opened close to my home, so I was very excited along with a sweet friend to be a part of it. I love home decor and do a lot of painting and floral design so it was a perfect opportunity to be creative and to go through my stash and make a little money to. We are enjoying it and already are seeing things being sold. Money is tight but folks will be buying gifts for the upcoming holidays and to decorate their homes. Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful, blessed day!
(If you happen to be in the area or need a good excuse to do a road trip, stop by Grandma's Attic located right off the Anderson Missouri exit. There is a new motel, a strip mall and Stangs convenience store and gas station. Subway is also located there to.)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Wreath!

Fall is definitely in the air here in southwest Missouri! I love it and am looking forward to cooler weather. My daughters and I have been on vacation in Pensacola Florida! It was wonderful! Every year we try to get together and go somewhere for a few days and catch up since we don't live that close to each other. Before I left I had made my arrangements and got them all hung in place. This wreath is on my back porch, because most of our guests come here. It was very easy to do and with lots of hot glue, it will survive until I take it apart next year. I have a goodwill store that usually keeps big bags of flowers, so I always have excess. I didn't do step by step instructions because it is pretty self explanatory. I hope you enjoy it, have a wonderful Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch. Link is below!