Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Old Window!

I just love these old windows! I think I have five of them in my house and have fixed some for other friends to. They are so versatile, whether you put pictures behind them, posters, or just about anything you can think of. On this one, I first painted it white and then came back and brushed gold paint on it, then distressed it some. I had some red satin fabric that I stapled on the back of the frame. On some windows that I fix, I actually hot glue braid around the window next to the frame to stabilize the glass. The letters are the stick on kind, can't remember the brand, I got them at Hobby Lobby. I didn't use anything to make sure my lines were straight, I just started sticking. lol. Sometimes there is just not time for perfection, and I kind of liked the random look to. Oh forgot to mention, make sure the glass is very clean front and back, learned that the hard way.( I also have one in my guest room that has a piece of an old quilt behind it that matches the quilt I have on my bed). Two screws (don't know what they are called) into the back with wire attached made it easy to hang. This one wasn't heavy so probably a picture hanger would work. Anyway, just love these old windows! They come in all shapes and sizes, maybe you will have to try one for yourself. Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!
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Karen said...

Shirley, what a wonderful idea & look.

Claire said...

This looks great-what a fantastic idea-LOVE it! Found you on a blog hop and now I'm a follower! Come by for a visit!-Claire