Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

Monday, February 7, 2011


I have been junking again! I love to visit goodwill, flea markets, used furniture stores, etc. you get the picture? lol. It is just fun to always be on the look out for unusual "treasures". On my last trip, I found this topiary except it didn't look like this. It had seen better days, the top was actually sitting in the container (love that, it is metal) and wasn't even on a dowel. I didn't have to redo the foam, just found a piece of bamboo that worked and got it hot glued in there. There was a place in the "ball" to fix the bamboo and I was ready to go. The greenery was just placed around the center and a small dried flower was inserted. Wa laaaaa, it was finished! How do you like the bowl? I just love it to, what a bargain for 6.00. For now I will let sit there, but eventually will put a flower arrangement in it. The table was 12.50 and just needed painted. Another one of my vices! When the weather is like this, finding something to do is necessary, so today I started taking the fabric off a 2.00 queen ann that I got at a garage sale. But that is another post and it will be a loooong time off. Thank you for stopping by! I am linking up with Metamorphosis Monday! (link follows). You will be inspired!



Lisa's Creative Home said...

Great finds! I am a thrift store junkie too! I love decorating with cast offs and repurposing them:)

Allyson Pecilunas said...

Love it!! What great bargains!

Anonymous said...

Love all your decor finds. I am enjoying your blog and am a follower. I love roosters too!Emelia.