Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Is he cute or what? This little fella that I call "Tom" was a gift from my sister in law many years ago. His neck was broken and had to be repaired and of course he had to be painted to. He is very heavy, but I have toted him around  from literally three states until we finally moved here. Since I have been snowed in and today was the first pretty day (60*) in quite awhile, I was itching to do something constructive. I saw "Tom" sitting in the sun room and thought OK, today is the day to change him. So with a paint brush and lots of tinted glaze, he got a good makeover. Does he now just look like he has been playing in the dirt? Antiquing wasn't good enough, no, he had to look like a dirty little boy. lol. And he does! I just love him. I even gave Tom center stage on my dining room table. He just brings a smile to my face every time I walk by. I hope you enjoy him to!  If the weather stays nice, no telling what I am liable to get into! Thanks for stopping by! I am linking up with Metamorphosis Monday, be sure and check out all the talented ladies over there.


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Sherry said...

Wow Shirley, that was great. I don't think I ever noticed that little boy before.Then again, I'm not that observant. Great work!