Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Upscale Poodle Bed!

What poodle or two wouldn't want to sleep in that cute little bed? I have two of them, Maddy and Bailey and they love their little beds, but this one may be the only one for awhile. It did take a while to finish it. In case you are wondering what it use to be in its former life, well it was an end table that was given to me. We turned it upside down, hubby cut off the two legs at the bottom and then I bought wooden pieces from Hobby Lobby to use for finials. The feet was in my stash, just plastic screw on legs that attached really easy. After all the priming, I was ready to paint! What a job, it really is hand painted so you will see some imperfections. So not tape and no measuring, it takes to long. lol. The headboard is a picture frame that I paid 2.00 at our local goodwill. On the back of the frame I painted over the little tabs that keeps the picture in, so I can change the pictures.  The pillow in there now is temporary until I can find one that really fits and of course the right color. So, after a few hours of painting and sealing, it is finally ready to use. Of course, it will be a few days, poodles are very picky and until the paint smells go away, I don't think they will use it. Will I do another one! I think so, and have had requests already from some friends.
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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very creative, Shirley! I love it! When I was 16 I got a pocket poodle for my birthday - a rescue. She was the fur baby love of my life. Will your two share this one?

Condo Blues said...

I'm so glad my dog can't read or he'll want one too.

Raggedy Kingdom said...

I'd like a people sized bed like that. My 3 dogs would fight over a place like that.

Sheila @ Raggedykingdom@aol.com

Alexandrea said...

Oh my goodness, my toy poodle "Juliet" would LOVE a bed that grand!! I can't believe you made it out of an old end table!! Now THAT is resourceful.
As far as a cushion goes, my poodle goes through a lot of them because she loves to 'paw' them into place and they shred quite quickly. So we just buy the soft fluffy pillows (in colors to match our rooms) from Petsmart. They might have one to fit your adorable bed!!
Best of luck. And thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!! :)

mishebe said...